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Corporate Blogs. March 23, 2009

In class we learned about corporate blogs, along with their advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, I feel that a corporate blog could greatly improve a corporation´s success based upon various factors. Overall, a corporate blog is created by an organization to reeach a specific objective. Currently, all major browsers (including Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 7) support RSS technology, which enables readers to easily read recent posts without actually visiting the blog, which is very useful for low-volume blogs. After searching the Internet, I have found that more than 12% of the Fortune 500 companies blog externally. Market research done in the first half of 2006 indicated that 34% of large companies had established weblogs. Another 35% planned to do so by the end of 2006, thus bringing the total to nearly 70%.

Continuing my investigation on corporate blogs, I found a great website that lists some important disadvantages. Some of these include, time, representation, measure of success and popularity. I suggest going to this website for more detail on disadvantages. I also found another website that makes a very good point…”This medium represents the missing ingredient that traditional media lacks: the ability to directly connect a company to its customers”. This is where the importance of a corporate blog comes in, because it is a tool that can be used to directly connect a company to it´s customers or potential customers. This website also gives steps that Fortune 500 companies take to create a blog: determine if blogging is a good fit for your company, determine if your company is willing to invest in a blog, create a strategy, ensure that everyone is on the same page, determine the involvment of PR, select bloggers, train the bloggers, writing posts, realize that the blog doesn´t need a tone, editing, establish a commit policy, develope a promotion strategy and establish a measurement program. This website talks about each of these steps in depth, so I highly suggest visting and reading it for anyone else who is interested.