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Politics 2.0 March 23, 2009

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I feel that one of the most imperative parts in a United States presidential campaign, is the technology that is available to them. Using the television and more recently the internet, a political party can advance their campaign greatly. An important aspect of the use of television is that each presidential candidate must have an equal time of advertisement on news programs such as CNN, NBC and ABC. This is done due to fairness, and keeps the race clean. What I mean by this is, if each political party was able to buy their own televsion space, it would turn into a bidding game and important money would be wasted.


On the other hand, the fact that the internet is now highly used for advertising during political campaigns brings the competition to an entire new level. Aside from websites that belong to major networks like CNN, NBC and ABC, websites like youtube and myspace are overflowed with comments, blogs and video clips of Obama and Mccain, for example, during the 2008 Presidential Election. While there is strict regulation within broadcasting and air space, the Internet does not share any of these regulations. Anyone in the entire world can post a blog, document or video about a presidential candidate, for anyone else in the world to view and analyze.