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Periodico De Catalunya March 29, 2009

elp31Last week we visited the newsroom of Periodico de Catalunya. We sat down in the conference room and learned about the newspaper through a page by page description. It is a thirty year old newspaper, that was created after the end of the Franco regime. It is the third most read newspaper in Spain, and it has about 800,000 readers everyday. Also, it was the first newspaper in Catalunya. Characteristically, this newspaper is very different from all of the others that are read in Spain. The graphics are a huge part of what makes this newspaper so unique. It was the first newspaper to use color, which makes the look of each story very appealing. Compared to a newspaper like the New York Times, there are clear differences in the layout and overall look of the newspaper. Periodico de Catalunya pays a lot of attention to style, color and design, while a paper like the New York Times doesn’t use color and has a traditional and more serious layout. nyt1

What also makes Periodico De Catalunya one of the most popular newspapers in Spain is its accomidation to the public. You can read it quickly in the metro, it is an easy read, although not a tabloid. Also, it is the only newspaper in the world that has two editions: one in Catalan and one in Spanish. It is mainly left side ideology that discusses topics such as human rights.

As it can be seen in these two pictures, Periodico De Catalunya is  much more visually pleasing to look at versus the New York Times. I really enjoyed learning about this newspaper because now I understand why it is so successful.


One Response to “Periodico De Catalunya”

  1. piposerrano Says:

    are you sure about this statement?: “it was the first newspaper in Catalunya”…?? Check LA Vanguardia…

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