Roamin´ Europa

When in Barcelona. February 23, 2009

barcelonasunsetpa0Finally, I spent the weekend in Barcelona. While I love going to so many different places, it was nice to relax and not travel for a weekend. The most exciting part about my weekend is that my family came to visit me! My parents, brother and sister stayed in a hotel a few blocks down from my apartment. They stayed from Thursday to Sunday and I had the best time with them. Thursday night we went out to dinner for my dad´s birthday at a restaurant called Carpe Diem. The next day I took them inside the Sagrada Familia. I enjoyed doing that because I pass it every single day, and have never been inside of it. The next day we went to Park Guell, which was beautiful. The weather was nice and we walked around for a few hours. It was nice to have my family in Barcelona, but a little stressful because I still don´t know my way around the city that well, and they expected me to know a lot more than I actually did. Besides my family visiting, my best friend Michelle also stayed in my aparmtnet. She is curently abroad in Rome, and it was really nice to show her the life that I live her, and for her to compare it to hers. While I really enjoyed my weekend with my family and best friend, I´m relieved its over.


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